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Post Acute Care Experts!!

Meet our Experts

Rosanna Benbow, RN, CCM, ICC, DNS-CT, QCP, RAC-CT

Owner, MDS Consultant

Rosie has over 25 years in Long Term Care, beginning as a CNA. She has extensive experience in clinical reimbursement in roles such as Director of Nursing, MDS Coordinator, Case Mix Auditor, Clinical IT Specialist and MDS/Reimbursement Consultant. While focusing on MDS and Case Management, Rosie has been highly involved in ACO partnerships, policy development, Interact 3.0 implementation, and QAPI program development. In her spare time she enjoys spending time on the family farm with her husband, parents, and her dog Siggy.

Bryan Kelley, RN, RAC-CT

MDS Consultant

Bryan has over 21 years in healthcare and 9 years MDS experience. He has served in various roles in his career, including CNA, Medical Records, MDS Coordinator and Director of Clinical Reimbursement for up to 20 Skilled Nursing Facilities. Bryan is wonderful at training new MDS staff and all who have worked with him enjoy his patient approach. When he isn't working, Bryan enjoys spending time with his wife Angie and his two boys, Gus and Abe.

Terri Schindel, LPN, RAC-CT, RAC-CTA

MDS Consultant

Terri joined Leading Transitions in 2017 bringing well over 21 years of skilled nursing experience to the company. Terri has filled the role of staff nurse, medical records and MDS Coordinator. She spent 5 years in the Air Force Medical Corps before becoming a nurse in 2001.She holds a compact nursing license and enjoys going near or far to assist clients.. Terri has a strong work ethic and great organizational skills. In her spare time, Terri enjoys visiting wineries, reading and spending time with her grandchildren.

Suzie King, RN, RAC-CT, WCC

MDS Consultant

Suzie has over 30 years in the healthcare industry with 16 years of MDS experience. She is a proud mother of two handsome young men that she raised through her nursing career. Suzie has worked in acute hospital settings but primarily worked in LTC as this was her true love and passion. Suzie has served in various roles throughout her career, including CNA, floor nurse, Staff Development, Home Health Care, Wound Care Nurse, DNS, and MDS Coordinator. When she is not working, Suzie enjoys spending time outdoors and spoiling her adorable English bulldog Stella.

Ronda Fyock, LPN, RAC-CT

MDS Consultant

Ronda has been a nurse for over 24 years. She has been a specialist in the RAI process for more than 21 years. She has great experience in case management and other managerial roles. in addition to MDS . She is great at identifying and prioritizing areas for improved systems. She is also a great teacher for newer MDS nurses. Ronda likes to spend time outdoors, camping, fishing and with her family and her grandbabies when she has free time!

Jennifer Kosar, DNP, RN, WCC

Nurse Consultant

Jennifer is an experienced Legal Nurse Consultant with expert knowledge in the standard of care for Skilled Nursing Facilities and Federal Regulation Codes. She has over 21 years of experience in the healthcare industry serving in clinical, leadership, and regulatory positions. She is certified in wound care and infection control. She was previously a surveyor for the Indiana State Department of Health with a focus on Infection Control Consultation. Jennifer currently holds a Masters degree in Nursing Education and recently complete her DNP.

Melinda Debusk, RN, RAC-CT

MDS Consultant

Melinda has over 16 years of management experience in skilled nursing services. Dependable and efficient. she works directly with each customer to individualize their MDS and Case Management needs. Proficient at overseeing extremely high volumes in a fast paced environment while maintaining goals. When she is not working, she enjoys time with her husband and her son.

Jenna Modglin, RN

MDS Consultant

Jenna has over 13 years in management experience in skilled nursing services. She has held different positions including unit manager, ADON, infection preventionist, wound nurse, and MDS coordinator. She started her nursing career in 2005 and has been in long term care ever since. She loves to spend time with her four children and dogs in her spare time.

Pamela Arreola, LPN

MDS Consultant

Pamela started her nursing career in 2007 and has worked in long term care ever since! In 2014, Pamela became a nurse manager and a MDS nurse. Pamela truly enjoys training others to learn the MDS role. Pamela is always eager to learn and help out any way she can. In her spare time, Pam loves to spend time with her family at her parent's lake house.